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Records for January

Temperature and Humidity
Highest Temperature  
Lowest Temperature  
Highest Dew Point  
Lowest Dew Point  
Highest Apparent Temperature  
Lowest Apparent Temperature  
Highest Feels Like  
Lowest Feels Like  
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature  
Highest Heat Index  
Highest Minimum  
Lowest Maximum  
Highest Humidity  %
Lowest Humidity  %
Highest Daily Range  
Lowest Daily Range  
Highest Rain Rate  /hr
Highest Hourly Rainfall  
Highest Daily Rainfall  
Highest Monthly Rainfall  
Longest Dry Period  days
Longest Wet Period  days
Highest Wind Gust  
Highest Wind Speed Average  
Highest Daily Wind Run  
Lowest Pressure (sl)  
Highest Pressure (sl)  

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