Current UV Index - Solar Radiation Wm/2 San Sebastian

2.1 UV Index

No Cautions Required

No advisory required . Safe for all skin types though be-aware of sunlight when sun approaches low horizon,wear sunglasses.
Max UVI:
446 Solar Radiation Wm/2

Solar Radiation Moderate

Solar Energy replenishment is low to moderate.
Max: 526 Wm/2
0-3 = Safe.
3-5 = Caution Required.
6-8 = Fair Skin types Protect yourself.
8-10 = Fair to Dark Skin Risk high sun burn risk.
10+ = High Risk All Skin types very dangerous.
Solar Energy delivered by the sun is both intermittent and varies during the day also with the seasons.The value can be used has a good relative indicator of solar replenishment for recharching solar panels and solar powered devices.
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